Speaking Engagements

  • Open Table | San Francisco, CA
  • SXSW Pitch Black Competition | Austin, CA
  • Caribbean Tech Summit | Barbados, WI
    • BeWoke Summit | San Francisco, CA
    • Black Women Talk Tech | San Francisco, CA
    • Project North Star (Black & Brown founders) | Philadelphia, PA
    • Urban Geekz Tech Talkz | Atlanta, GA


  • NOBEL Women | Nashville, TN
  • UNI Global World Engineers Conference | Philadelphia, PA
  • Black Women Talk Tech | New York, NY
    • Tech Inclusion SF | San Francisco, CA



Black female tech leaders will engaged in a conversation regarding the need and opportunities for diversity in Silicon Valley as well as shed light on the challenges, advances, and opportunities for black women in tech.

Google Cultural Institute

Google's Next Gen Entrepreneurs

Sian was interviewed by The Raben Group’s Jamal Simmons on her career as a woman in tech, a founder and investor at a meeting of Google’s Next Generation of Entreprenuers.


Building the change we wish to see

Sian spoke at the summit but also engaged in workshops to assist educators at primarily HBCUs in brainstorming new ideas to bring technology and STEAM education to historically Black institutions of higher learning.


``Finding My Black Cool``

In a ‘peka kucha’ styled lightening talk, Sian discussed ‘The Black Cool’ project based on Rebecca Walker’s book of the same title and takes the audience on a visual journey towards finding their own Black Cool.


Black Tech Leaders

AOL put together a group of Black Tech Leaders in honor of Black History Month to discuss issues around diversity and inclusivity in technology. Here, Sian talks about her journey as an entrepreneur  with Kollective Mobile as well as Cast Beauty.


``Design As If People Mattered``

Here Sian draws on her experience in mobile to discuss how some existing design paradigms omit some of the most important mobile user — specifically boomers and an exploding international audience in the Third World. Sian encourages designers to create products for real people with real problems.

Black Tech Week Miami

``Your App Sucks``

A short but sweet talk for anyone who has ever considered creating their very own mobile app. Sian lays out 5 important points to consider before you start building. Not to be missed.