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Praise for Sian's work

Sian is a top notch designer with a great deal of talent, wonderful communication skills, and the ability to work together with a team to deliver a stellar technology product. I was very pleased to manage Sian and would love to work with her again in the future.
Elen Awalom
Project Manager
Sian is ahead of her time, balancing effortlessly on the edge of technological innovation and inspiration. Not only did she help us build a website and guide us through a tech quagmire we found ourselves in, but she also mentored us and donated her time supporting women entrepreneurs in our network.
Tara Roberts
Founder, girltank
Sian listened to our team, respected our vision, and then helped us solve tough design challenges with practical, constructive suggestions. As an expert in the mobile space, she shared inspiring models that helped us perfect our core mechanics.
Leah Potter
Leah Potter, ThinkZone Games winner Reach Higher App Challenge
Sian provided keen insight and helpful feedback based on her expertise in mobile app development. She helped us to formulate the right questions to ask of ourselves and our audience, which in turn, helped us shape the look, feel, and objectives of our mobile app design. Her support and encouragement stoked our confidence and we are better off thanks to the time and talent she shared with us!
Amy Bodow
Pinellas Education Foundation
Sian is a dedicated professional with a vast knowledge of mobile trends and tech developments. I've had the opportunity to recommend Sian as a conference speaker and to refer mobile projects to her. She continues to be incredibly generous with her time, mentoring and guiding talent I've referred to her who are entering the mobile tech field.
J. Kelly Hoey
Networking Expert In A Hyper-Connected World
Sian is a wonderful combination of creative entrepreneur, community advocate and thought leader. This reflects in the work she does at all levels, whether with an individual solving a challenge or a major company seeking to identify a new strategy. Sian is also a thoughtful speaker who brings experience, humility and humor to her audience.
Pete Erickson
Founder - MoDev