3 Sketch resources for designers

OK kids...it's been a few weeks now since I downloaded and raved about Sketch 3. The recently-released graphic program from Bohemian Coding. Well...my verdict is in. Its fantastic! I've fully incorporated it into my workflow and am flying through designs and iterations quicker than ever before. The learning curve is pretty low and its really possible to jump right in and be acclimated in no time. If you are looking to try Sketch but are a little skeptical, don't be.  There are some great resources out there to help you get up to speed.


Sketch Apps Sources
This is your one stop shop for Sketch resources and one of the first sites I visited when I checked out the program. It's more like a catch-all for Sketch resources that includes articles, a community section, videos and more. Can't say enough about this site.

Sketch Casts
I'm a visual learner. That is to say, I learn by seeing and doing. Sketch Casts provides screencasts that will show you how to do everything from creating icons to keyboard shortcuts in Sketch.

Design + Code
By far my favorite. Designer Meng To has put together a book  that introduces and outlines Sketch like no one else. The online book has 3 chapters so far (Chapter 4 will be free) that features Sketch files, videos, and even sample Xcode files.  It's exquisitely designed and easy to follow. If you haven't added Sketch to your workflow yet, buy the book (currently half price) like over 2000 others have and get on board! You'll even get a discount on your purchase of Sketch.

Hope you found these helpful. I'm sure there are more great resources that I've missed. Let me know in the comments what I've missed.