Allegory: Michael Jackson : A video

Allegory: Michael Jackson is a video I created in 2010. The film is a commentary on the life and eventual death of pop star Michael Jackson. I feel strongly that we, the public, created Michael Jackson the myth and the star. From an adored child star to a troubled adult man-child, the role the public plays in the adoration and eventual downfall of some stars is rarely examined.
The video uses clips from Michael's trial for sexual abuse (arguably one of the lowest points in his career) with shots of him as an adorable child and superstar.  The video also examined the physical changes that Mr. Jackson has undergone as a metaphor for a deeper, sinister psychological change arguably brought on by the price of fame he has been forced to pay.

The video was shown at Krowswork Gallery as a part of it's Summer of Video Art program in 2011.