Eric Garner decision


I usually write about technology but the events of the past few weeks have left my heart heavy. Two separate grand juries have neglected to indict two police officers in the death of two unarmed black men. This country is at a crossroads. Unless we deal with these injustices head on, they will continue. And the anger felt in communities of color across the country will no longer be a s low burn but will erupt in uncontrollable ways. Our post-racial American Dream is a dream that never happened. We are wide awake and we aren't happy. The lack of an indictment against and out of control and overly militarized police force sends a negative message to people of color and specifically to Black men. We love your music, we will co-opt your culture, your fashion, your swag, your slang but you--you we could care less about. With that, I'll just leave this here.