Favorite Thiel-isms from Zero to One

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

I've been reading Peter Thiel's new book Zero to One and its definitely my favorite startup book so far this year. Thiel has opinions on everything from Lean Startup methodology (he's not a fan) to MVPs (also a no-go). I'm enjoying the book mostly because where other startup authors seem to take a middle of the road approach, Thiel isn't afraid to share his contrarian point of views. You may not agree with him but he doesn't really care.  Below are some of my favorite quotes from Zero to One. He easily slips from Shakespeare to the Bible and over from the Unabomber to hipsters. The book is chocked full of gems or Thielisms as I like to call them. Below are some of my favorites:

"An entrepreneur cannot "diversify" herself: you cannot run dozens of companies at the same time and then hope that one of them works out well."

"A startup is the largest endeavor over which you can have definite mastery...It begins by rejecting the unjust tyranny of chance. You are not a lottery ticket"

"It's true that every great entrepreneur is first and foremost a designer"

"You can change the world through careful planning, not by listening to focus group feedback or copying others' success."

Has anyone else read Zero to One? What are some of your favorite lines?

10 great books every entrepreneur should read

1. Zero To One - Thiel

2. The Mobile Mind Shift - Schadler & Bernoff

3. The War of Art - Pressfield

4. The Innovator's Dilemma - Christensen

5. The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

6. Mastery - Green

7.Venture Deals - Brad Feld

8.The Hard Thing about Hard Things - Horowitz

9.The Startup of You - Reid Hoffman

10. Redesigning Leadership - John Maeda