Mobile dominates Black Friday sales

shoppingNeed more convincing that mobile is here to stay? Look no further than recent Black Friday stats*.  With online traffic driving overall sales, mobile sales were a whopping 39% of ALL online traffic up 35% from last year. Mobile sales were also up to 22% an increase of almost 43% from last year. This is huge.
But wait, there's more. Smartphone and tablets lead the way driving online sales higher than before, too. Apple's iPad was the tablet leader ( is anyone else in this race anyway? ) and the iPhone was also the leader in mobile phones driving sales. Overall, Apple won Black Friday with it's devices driving over 80% of all Black Friday mobile sales. And that, my friends is nothing to sniff at.

Yeah, I did some shopping...from my couch. It seems like I wasn't alone. Especially after watching those Walmart videos...


*IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Group