iOS 7 Beta 4 is here

ios-7-logoHaving just downloaded iOS5 beta 4, I feel compelled to write about this sea change in design for the worlds most valuable company. I and the other developers who rushed to download the new operating system have endured lots of bugs, the incessant crashing of pretty much all of our apps and surprise shutdowns at the most inopportune moments.  Even so, I fell for it again and rushed to download the latest version as soon as the email from Apple hit my inbox.

The criticism seems to have died down since the initial announcement of the software in June so, I thought I’d throw my proverbial hat into the ring.

Well, here goes. I, like everyone else have adjusted and I’m pretty sure that once its released into the wild, after the grumbling subsides, everyone else will adapt, too. iOS7 is still awkward in some areas, but incredibly elegant in others. I have come to appreciate the subtle improvements that have come with each new release and yesterday was no different.  It featured some significant changes though, and I would argue the most visible ones since release.. (And just as I was getting used to beta 3, too).

Beta 4 features borders for buttons. This is new. I actually felt as though the previous iteration of this worked better. Defining the buttons now, seems somewhat rudimentary; like a step backwards. We’ve been multi-touching for years now; we know the difference.

On a recent incoming call, I searched for the ‘reply with text’ option. That too, was gone. I’d customized my message and was used to seeing it. While, it is still possible to add a message in settings, I do appreciate that it was there, front and center.  On the other hand, this change frees up valuable real estate however, where previously the additional options appeared cluttered on the screen.

There have been some subtle changes like gradients on the icons for Safari and Mail, and as far as I can tell, translucency has been tweaked throughout.

Under the hood, new build is slightly more stable. I’m getting a lot fewer crashes. This is always a good thing.  I’ll continue to highlight other features as I find them.

What’s your favorite iOS7 feature or enhancement so far?